Seattle Bike Train

Ride with us.

Catch the bike train.

Now leaving from: Othello, Columbia City, Beacon Hill, Mount Baker, Ravenna & Fremont.

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Welcome to Seattle Bike Train!

The Seattle Bike Train is a weekly bike ride that goes from various Seattle neighborhoods to downtown. The idea is to just get out there and ride your bike with others! Sometimes the hardest part about bike commuting is knowing the way & feeling safe but riding in a group can help with both! You get the security of having experienced riders mixed with new ones helping guide you downtown.

We can’t wait to see you out there with us!

Weekly Rides

Rolling out Friday mornings, we hope you will join one of our three rides leaving Othello via Beacon Hill, Columbia City via Mount Baker/North Rainier, or Ravenna via Fremont to downtown.

Monthly orientation rides

Really new and want to take some time learning about bike commuting without the pressure of, well, commuting?

Well, you’re in luck! Check out our monthly orientation rides.


Columbia city > mount baker > downtown route

This ride follows the Rainier Valley Greenway and I-90 Trail to access downtown. It starts in Columbia City at a Cafe and stops in Mount Baker briefly to pickup more riders.

Fridays: 7:30a departure from Columbia City

Ravenna > fremont > downtown route

This ride follows the Protected bike lane on Roosevelt, the Burke-Gillman Trail, & the Westlake Cycle Track to get you to South Lake Union (Cascade) and Downtown/Pioneer Square.

Fridays: 7:45a departure from Broadcast Coffee

othello > Beacon hill > Downtown ride

This ride follows the Chief Sealth Trail, the Beacon Hill Greenway, and a portion of the Mountains to Sounds Trail. It starts in Othello at a Cafe and stops in Beacon Hill briefly to pickup more riders.

Fridays: 7:40a departure from Othello