Othello to Downtown via Beacon Hill

This route leaves from Cafe Red in Othello and uses what the city calls “The Beacon Hill Greenway” and the Chief Sealth Trail to travel to Beacon Hill, and eventually downtown. The ride meets around 20-30 minutes before departing in case you need a refresher with basic cycling practices; however, more experienced riders are welcome to show up closer to the Ride Start Time.

Don’t have a bike? Read the FAQ for solutions!

  • Othello - Start

    • Meet at Cafe Red (7148 Martin Luther King Jr Way S)

    • Depart at 7:40 AM on Fridays

      • Meetup as early as 7:10 AM

  • Beacon Hill- Stop

    • Meet at The Station Cafe (1600 S Roberto Maestas Festival St)

    • Depart at: 8:15 AM on Fridays [Estimated]

  • Occidental Square/Pioneer Square/Downtown - End

    • Arrival: 8:40AM [Estimated]

    • Regrouping stop, departs as needed via 2nd ave to Westlake

The ride has several short climbs - unavoidably. If you aren’t a frequent rider, we strongly consider using a E-Bike on this route.

Please dress for the weather; if it’s cold gloves and ear protection can be very helpful. If it’s raining please make sure to bring a jacket, or a change of clothing. Always bring lights for your bike.

Yup! We will ride in light rain! But if the weather is looking iffy or severe, check for the banner at the top of the page to see if we’ve cancelled.

Have more questions? Read the FAQs!